The ONE Organizational Step You’ll Regret Skipping

I have to admit this is the step when organizing a space I enjoy the least. 

I can sort and organize like a madwoman but cleaning and prepping a space I tend to drag my feet on. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done but I don’t enjoy the process of cleaning and prepping spaces. 

Some professional organizers skip over this step to avoid losing the momentum in getting an area organized.  While yes this is a risk, I see this as an opportunity to beautify a room. 

Let’s face it, once a room is organized how likely are you to remove the items again to clean it?  So….

Seize the Day sign.
Carpe Diem!

The following are various ways you can spruce up your space:

Cleaning Time

From the previous step to getting organized, the room or space you chose should have everything removed from the drawers and shelves.  Only the items you’ve chosen to keep should be left in the room.  If you missed the previous post, no worries!  

Read more about it here. 

The first line of business is to vacuum and wipe down all drawers, shelves, and surfaces. 

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Use your favorite, multi-surface cleaner or even wet wipes for those sticky jobs.  Lately, I’ve been using microfiber cloths to get the job done.  I’m amazed at what a little water and a cloth can accomplish!

Picture of a lady holding cleaning supplies.
Dive right in and get it done!

Line Drawers

Lining your drawers now will improve the look of your drawers, protect them, and save you time when cleaning them in the future. 

For drawers in rough shape even after a good scrubbing, the surface may still be sticky, rough, or look unappealing.  On the flip side, if a surface is in great shape, a liner will help protect it from wear and tear. 

The best part is how easily lined drawers are to clean if something spills.  You’ll thank yourself later for taking a few minutes installing liners in your drawers.

How to Decide Which Liner to Use

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There are several varieties of liners on the market today. Below are descriptions of each one including a picture and a link to an example:

Adhesive Liners – I tend to stay away from these liners since they are more permanent.  They are difficult to remove and typically leave a residue on the surface. Learn more here.

Removable Adhesive Liners – A better option if you don’t want a liner that will stick permanently to your surface.  They’re easy to wipe down and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.  Over time though, the edges may curl up.  Learn more here.

Clear Plastic Liners – This style will not leave any residue because there’s no adhesive to bind it to the drawer.  Pro Tip: If you want to be sure your liner doesn’t slip place a small amount of reusable mounting putty in the corners (made by Scotch, Elmer’s, Dap, and others). Learn more here.

Open Weave Design – These liners have a spongy feel to them.  They do a great job of dampening the noise in a drawer but are more difficult to clean.  Debris tends to collect in the small holes.  To clean the drawer you have to remove the liner rather than wipe it down. Learn more here.

Wrapping Paper – For a quick, inexpensive liner for drawers, buy a roll of heavyweight wrapping paper.  To keep in place add reusable mounting putty to the corners.  Wrapping paper is not as durable with spills so best to use in drawers that contain no liquids (e.g. dresser drawers).  Bonus… lots of fun designs to choose from! Check out the following style here.

Scented Liners – There are several scents on the market today.  Some include lavender, linen, cotton, and cucumber melon! Check out the one below here.

Paint Your Walls

Now is the prime time to paint your walls.  Paint them now especially if you’re going to install any vertical organization methods. 

I’ll talk about this later in another post but vertical storage systems can include: shelving, pegboards, and wall hangers.

How to Choose the Perfect Color

When determining what color to paint your walls there are a number of factors to consider. 

Ask yourself who will be using this room? 

  1. Someone else – what colors do they prefer?
  2. Multiple people – choose a color appealing to all
  3. Yourself – have fun, be bold, create the environment you love

What vibe do you want to portray in this space?

  1. Warm tones such as reds, oranges, and yellows convey feelings of energy, playfulness, life, and action.
  2. Cool tones such as greens, blues, indigos, and violets convey feelings of relaxation, calm, and peace.
  3. Grounding colors include blacks and browns

What do you currently own that can help with the decision?

Take inventory of your current furnishings such as pillows, throws, rugs, and furniture.  What colors can you pull from them?  

Do you have a source of inspiration?

If you have a picture in mind from a magazine or Pinterest, is it a color you want to duplicate?

Once you’ve picked out a color palette, go to your local paint store and bring home several paint chip samples.  Colors can change depending on the light in your room.  Because of this, test 2-3 paint samples on your walls before deciding on the perfect color. 

Three colors of paint samples on a wall.
Time to choose!


Wallpaper is one of those things you either love or hate.  For the longest time, I was of the hate it mentality. 

The amount of work it took to put up and/or takedown made it something I avoided.  On top of everything, the high-quality wallpaper can be pretty darn expensive. 

But… then they created peel & stick wallpaper

Not only is it easy to put up but even easier to take down.  The number of prints and colors to choose from is also amazing.  Learn all the tips and tricks for installing self-adhesive wallpaper here.

Picture of a living room with wallpaper on the wall.
The wallpaper adds so much style to the room!

Whether prepping a space is something you enjoy or not don’t miss out on the opportunity to spruce it up.  Take the time and do it right the first time. 

Trust me you’ll thank yourself later. 

Crush it in this step. Take action and clean, line your drawers, paint the walls, and if you’re feeling inspired put up wallpaper.  The sooner you get started the sooner you can move on to the next step… organizing! 

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