How to Select the Perfect Space to Get Organized [Freebie]

Are your eyes drawn to the spotless, colorful, and pristine pictures of organized homes you see on Pinterest? If only achieving the look was as simple as pinning the pictures to your board.

When in reality I look around and see shoes scattered throughout the house, kitchen counters covered with papers, and who knows where the permission slip for my daughter’s field trip walked away too.

Can you achieve the image you see on Pinterest within your own home? 

Yes, I believe you can!

How to Get Started Organizing Your Home

Your first step is to select a space, your target, or focus.  I know it sounds simple but it’s crucial when you begin. 

A.A. Milne stated it well, Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” 

In other words, a plan of attack is the key to getting underway.  If you don’t have a target you’re liable to jump around from one space to another without creating an area you love.

I will share with you the process you can use to select your target.

Every single room in your home may need to be organized and de-cluttered and you may feel overwhelmed. But this process will empower and help you figure out where to begin.

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A target hitting the bull's eye.
How do you select your first place to organize?

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Picture of Freebie.  Selecting the Ideal Space to Organize.

Where do you begin when your whole house is an unorganized mess?

Make a List

Take inventory of every space you want to organize. 

List the spaces from high priority to least priority.  Even consider spaces within spaces.  For instance, in the bedroom: side tables, dresser, closet(s). 

Then go a step further and rank each space 1-10:

  • 1 = content with the current space
  • 5 = area needs some help
  • 10 = chaotic

Which area(s) of your home frustrate you?

Sometimes an area in your home is selected because it’s a place of aggravation

For instance, my kitchen counters were the dumping grounds for paperwork. 

The counters were constantly covered with papers the girls brought home from school, things requiring signatures, and mail coming in. 

Papers on my counters were a thorn in my side especially after coming home from a long day at work.  The last thing I wanted to tackle was clearing the counters in order to start dinner.

Picture of cluttered counters in the kitchen.
Dumping grounds!

Click here to see how I tackled this problem. 

Are you like me with kitchen counters full of papers or are there other areas of your home which make you want to pull your hair out?

Highlight the areas in your home that frustrate you the most.

Which areas in your home are not functional? 

Rooms that are not set up well for their intended purpose can also bring discontentment.

Are your kitchen tools located where you can readily use them?  Do your kids have a place for all their toys?  Do you have to open your child’s closet door slowly to avoid being hit in the head with a random object? 

When the right systems are in place your home will function with ease.

I love this quote I found on Pinterest (author unknown):


I wonder where I left my keys,

I wonder where I put my purse,

I wonder where my money went!

Go ahead and highlight in another color, the areas of your home that will benefit from a better system.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Space to Get Organized

Are you overwhelmed by it all?

In this case, I would start small and tackle an area only affecting you and not other members of your family.  Maybe focus on your closet or dresser drawers.  Choose an area you can complete in a short amount of time.

When you accomplish this type of project it will give you the confidence and momentum to move forward to your next project on your list.

Trust me the process will get easier with time.  No need to go for the gusto right away. 

This is not a sprint but a marathon, so pace yourself!

A picture of marathon runners.
Pace yourself!

Go ahead and circle areas in your home that only affect you.

Are you a sentimental person? 

Sentimental items are the most challenging items to sort through. These usually include photos, memorabilia, or even a shoe collection like Imelda Marcos’ in the Philippines. 

A pictures of a collection of shoes.
A shoe for every outfit!

Start with an area that you are least emotionally tied to. 

You don’t want to get stuck trying to determine what to do with the things of the heart.  Start with areas in your home that are more functional in nature and will cause the least amount of heartache. 

Cross out spaces that contain predominately sentimental items.

Make the Selection

After you consider all these factors select one area in your home to tackle first.  Maybe you’re like me and have a space already in mind to target… paperwork on the kitchen counters. 

If not, use this process to determine your initial goal.

Prioritize and start small if you’re new to organizing.  If you feel confident or brave go for the gusto and go for an area in your home ranked #10 on your list. 

Creating change and getting organized takes time and practice.  Use these steps to prevent you from being immobilized and overwhelmed.

Everyone’s level of confidence varies, and everyone is at a different stage of getting organized.  Give yourself some grace, stay confident through the process, and don’t compare yourself to Pinterest!

Remember to create your plan of attack and start today. 

Print this freebie to help walk you through the steps in selecting your ideal space to organize.

Picture of Freebie.
Get started today to find your ideal space!

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