How to Get Your Trex Deck Clean: 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning our dirty, mildew covered, chalky textured Trex deck was what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year.  You see every year on Mother’s Day my family treats me like a queen and I love it!  I wish we could make it a monthly holiday.  Whatever I want to do or eat on that day is my gift from my husband and daughters.  This year I decided I wanted to have them clean our Trex Deck and end the day with a BBQ and pool party.

Over a year ago we sold our beautiful custom home with a covered wrap-around deck, located in the country, and moved into town.  Our new home, in contrast, was built in the mid-’80s and has an older, uncovered Trex deck.  Let’s just say our deck needed a little TLC especially from being exposed to all the weather elements.  Our deck was dirty, had areas of mildew, and had a chalky consistency to add to the mix.  Not my ideal deck for BBQ’s this summer!

My husband was hesitant to believe that we could revive our deck but I wanted to try.  I desired a deck I could be proud of, one that would be clean for our summertime fun around the pool.  The following are the steps my husband took to clean our deck.

Step One: Get Organized

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The first step is to gather all your supplies. The cleaning solution can be purchased at any local home improvement store or on Amazon. There are a variety of cleaning solutions available. Just be sure to pick one that is designed to clean composite surfaces. I chose Scotts Outdoor Cleaner plus Oxi-Clean from Amazon.

You’ll also need to gather the following items:

  1. Broom or leaf blower
  2. Bucket, tank sprayer or power washer
  3. Hose with a spray nozzle
  4. Cleaning brush (unnecessary if using a power washer)

I chose to purchase a cleaning brush with a long handle so my husband wouldn’t have to get on his hands and knees.  (Wasn’t that nice of me!)

Step Two: Clear the Way

Clear off your deck of everything and give it a good sweep.  My husband used our leaf blower rather than a broom to clear off the debris.  This seemed to save him a lot of time.

Step Three: Mix it Up

Mix your solution based on the amount of dirt and stains on your deck.  For an extremely dirty deck, our solution called for a 1:1 ratio (add ½ gallon concentrate to ½ gallon water).  Be sure to check the directions on the back of your cleaning solution for the ratio they recommend. 

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Step Four: Apply & Wait

Apply your cleaner to your Trex deck either with a bucket and brush, tank sprayer or power washer.  Let cleaner activate for five to ten minutes depending on the amount of dirt and stains.  Re-wet if deck dries before time is up.

Step Five: Wash & Reveal

Finally, scrub your deck with a brush and rinse off with water.  If you are using a power washer there is no need to scrub!

Through this process we found, with a little elbow grease, a good scrubbing can transform your deck and make it like new again.  Here is a before and after photo of our decking.  Our deck is a lot brighter and the mildew stains have disappeared.  Even my husband was surprised by the end result!

If you want a clean Trex deck, even if it’s on the older side, try giving it a good scrubbing.  In five easy steps, you can breathe new life into your deck and have it ready for the summer.  I can’t wait for all the BBQ’s and pool parties that will be happening just around the corner. 

Here is a picture of my favorite place on our deck.  It’s a place where I can sit in the shade to sip on a beverage or read a good book while the kids play in the pool.  I can’t wait for summer to arrive!  Cheers!

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