How to Fight Paper Clutter in the Kitchen

Racing home from work to make dinner, only to discover mail, school papers, and a sticky residue from a snack my daughter had made was all over the counters.  The sight of this did not fill me with delight.  So much for my plan to quickly make dinner, so we can get out the door in time for tonight’s activity.

This scenario was becoming a bit too common around our household.  Mail coming in, mail going out, invitations to upcoming events, school papers…. paper is constantly covering my kitchen counters. 

Nothing had a “home” so my counters became the dumping ground for EVERYTHING. 

If I had a gigantic kitchen this wouldn’t be a problem.  I on the other hand have an average size kitchen and not a lot of counter space to spare.  Something had to be done and quickly!

So began my quest to find the perfect wall organizer to solve all my problems.

I began searching high and low for THE wall organizer.  I browsed through Target, Fred Meyer, and I even survived Wal-Mart on a weekend. No luck until I stumbled upon the perfect aisle in Hobby Lobby. 

Wall Organizer #1:  The Perfect Look

Although Hobby Lobby can be a little overwhelming at first, if you go in looking for something specific, it’s not so bad.  This is where I found the most adorable organizer for my mail… an upside-down cheese grater!  I know it sounds “cheesy” but it went perfectly with my décor. 

I hung it up and explained to my family that this was going to be the new “home” for all mail coming in and out of the house.  Simple, right?

Within just a couple days, I realized this was not the perfect plan.  It had to be emptied and sorted every time we needed to go through the mail or find an invitation.  So now enters my next brilliant idea.

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Wall Organizer #2:  Two Cute

Back at Hobby Lobby, I solved my problem by buying a SECOND upside-down cheese grater.  Now I had one for “mail in” and one for “mail out.”  I was quite convinced this was going to solve the problem.

No more needing to sort through the mail to find what’s new or what needs to be put in the mailbox.

After about a week, I was saddened to realize it was not solving my paper problem after all.  My countertops still had invitations lying around along with my shopping lists and meal planners. 

On top of that papers were getting lost in the cheese graters.  With the inability to see through them, papers were getting lodged into the bottom where the grater narrows.

I concluded that I couldn’t buy enough upside-down cheese graters to solve my problem.  Thankfully, I left the tag on the second one and could return it.  So back to Hobby Lobby I went.

To my delight though after returning my beloved cheese grater, I was looking around the store and found a NEW wall organizer that had just arrived. 

Wall Organizer #3: The Perfect Fit

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My heart began to flutter, my face lit up with excitement, and there was a glow that emanated from the wall organizer.  THIS IS THE ONE! 

The organizer was a ladder with four baskets hanging off of each rail.

It still had that cute farmhouse feel to it but also had enough sections to organize all my papers.  It was the correct size for my wall, would fit papers perfectly, and it even had built-in areas for LABELS!

I snagged the wall organizer and raced home to install it.  Got out my Cricut Maker and print and cut the perfect size labels for it (mail-in, mail-out, upcoming events, organizers).  Then the final step was sorting all the papers away and OFF my countertops.   

I was beaming with delight when I showed my family our NEW system.  Once my husband heard I had returned my cheese grater to purchase the new wall organizer he was way more excited about it too. 

Use removable Command Strips for easy installation and to prevent putting holes in your walls or cabinets.

With all the loose papers having a proper “home” and easy to locate, I can now breathe a little easier after work.  I still have to race home from time to time to make a quick meal but at least I don’t have the frustrations of paperwork to stop my mojo.  It’s amazing how a tidy home can provide peace after a long day at work.  

If countertop clutter is driving you crazy too, below you will find a list of things to consider when purchasing a wall organizer for all your loose papers.  Learn from me so you don’t come home with the ultimate upside-down cheese grater too.

Things to consider before purchasing a wall organizer for your papers:

  • Where in your house do you struggle to keep your mail/papers under control?
  • Where can you hang a wall organizer? Would it be visible, easy to access, and at a height everyone can reach?
  • Measure the area to determine what size of organizer the space can handle.
  • How many slots do you need?
  • Are the size of slots appropriate for your papers?
  • Can you see through it without having to take everything out?

After using this system now for a month, I can honestly say I have found the perfect organizer for our home.  It fits our needs beautifully and has solved my countertop paper struggles.  I think the labels have been a key to our success story.  They help everyone know where to place the items instead of leaving them on the counter. 

Now if I can only solve my issue with my daughter and her creative snack concoctions left on the kitchen counters after school!

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      Thank you so much! Every family has different needs but this system is working very well for us.

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