12+ Best Laundry Room Drying Rack Ideas

Drying racks have come a long way from simple clotheslines used outside.  Whether you have a small or large laundry room or none at all you might be surprised at all the options available.  One of these laundry room drying rack ideas is sure to meet your needs.

Picture of a light and bright bedroom.  In the center of the room is a clothes drying rack set up with clothes drying on it.

As a teenager, I can’t tell you the number of brand new pants that were passed up to my older sister due to shrinkage from the dryer.  I would get so frustrated that my favorite new pants were now highwaters and embarrassingly too short to wear.

Over the years I’ve learned there are many great reasons to avoid the dryer. This is especially true for your most delicate pieces and garments that fit you like a glove.

Benefits of Air Drying Your Clothes

  • Extends the life of what you wear (saving you $)
  • Prevents fading
  • Prevents shrinking
  • Protects delicate materials
  • Saves on energy costs

Laundry Room Drying Rack Ideas

There are many designs, sizes, and price points of drying racks available.  Below are great options for freestanding, wall-mounted, door mounted and rod style clothes drying racks.  Scroll and click on any image below for full product details.

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Just like the name implies the freestanding drying racks are separate units.  They don’t require a wall, cabinet, or door to function properly.  

1. Tabletop Drying Rack

2. Tripod Drying Rack

3. Racks on Wheels

4. Accordion Style 

5. Stationary

6. Mesh Shelf


If you have wall space available, the next few may be great options for your laundry room. These options are smaller in size but save you valuable floor space.

1. Collapseable

2. Accordion Style

3. Fixed Mounted

Door Mounted

If you have a door available then the following may be a great option for hang drying your clothes. This option is best if used on a door with minimal traffic.

Rod Systems

These systems are quite popular due to their simplicity and cost effectiveness. Simply install a rod and hang your garments.

1. Rod and hangers

2. Mesh Hanger

3. Hanging Rack

Final thoughts…

Depending on your situation you may need a combination of systems to meet your needs.  If you don’t have a large area for a free-standing drying rack system, using a combination of wall mounted and a rod may suit your needs. 

If you live in an apartment finding something that will fit on your balcony may also be a great option.  

I’m curious…. which style of drying rack do you use or are going to try?

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