The Best Broom and Mop Storage Ideas For Your Home

Brooms and mops are the most awkward cleaning tools to store in your home.  They fall over easy making them tripping hazards and can ignite frustration.  Luckily there are excellent broom and mop storage ideas available that are easy to implement and gentle on the budget. 

Best of all it’s a quick organizing project with a big impact.

broom and mop storage ideas

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My favorite broom and mop storage idea is the Wall Mounted Commercial Organizer Storage Rack.  It’s compact, can fit on a wall or in a closet, and allows you to store not only your broom and mop but also hang other items (i.e. dusting mop, rags) as well.

Before we look at all the types of options available there are some things you need to consider.

What are the benefits of using a broom and mop storage system?

You might be thinking, “why do I even need an organizing system for my broom and mop?”  There are several benefits to having a dedicated broom and mop storage solution. 

First, you will always know where the broom and mop are located when you need them. Second, it will keep your broom and mop from wearing out as quickly if hung up.  The bristles will maintain their shape making them last 2-3 times longer.  Next, it just looks nicer to have them hanging up neat and tidy. And finally, they won’t fall over causing unneeded frustration or tripping hazards.

Where can you store brooms and mops in your home?

There are numerous places in your home that would be ideal for storing your broom and mop.  Think about where you use your them the most. 

Is it the kitchen, mudroom, dining room, or garage?  Find areas in your home that are easily accessible for daily use. 

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Places to consider storing them include:  a broom closet, laundry room, pantry, mudroom, inside a coat closet, on back of a door, garage wall, or even the space between the refrigerator and the wall.  Just be sure there is at least 6” space to allow easy access to the mop and broom.  

How do I know which broom and mop storage system is right for me?

The first place to start when determining which broom and mop storage system to use begins with taking inventory of what you own. 

Gather all you brooms and mops and any other items you would like to hang up with them (i.e. duster, mop replacement pads).  Toss any items you no longer use or are worn-out.  Next, determine how many items you need to hang up in each location to help with picking out a storage solution.  Finally, determine which area(s) in your home you want brooms and mops located.

Now that you know where you would like to store them and how many items the organizer needs to hold, let’s take a look at the various options below.

Types of broom and mop storage solutions:

For product information and price, click on the picture or name above each item.

Self-adhesive hooks

This is the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of wall space or cleaning supplies to hang up and you don’t want to drill holes in your walls. This package of four is a great bargain compared to other top-name brands.

McoMce Sturdy Broom Holder Wall Mount


This is an affordable, cost-effective broom and mop storage idea. The hooks below can hold up to twenty-five pounds making it easy to hang even your electric or battery-operated broom/vacuum.

Pro tip: If the holes in your broom or mop are too small for a hook, use a zip tie, string, or ribbon to create a larger loop for hanging.

Tetra-Teknica hooks


These hooks allow your mop and broom to hang on them easily and are easy to get off. The hook has a rubber-type material that prevents slipping of your item. Also perfect for hanging up heavier mops and brooms and other items.

Sumnacon Mop Broom Holder Organizer

Garage storage utility hooks

These are heavy-duty hooks that allow you to space them out as needed and hang multiple brooms and mops upside down on each hook. Items placed in the back however are not easy to grab and go.

Garage Storage Utility Hooks

Towel bar with s-hooks

Towel bars are an inexpensive option for organizing your broom and mop. Mount higher up on the wall, place s-hooks on the bar, and add your broom and mop. The towel bar below even comes with four s-hooks!

TocTen Bath Towel Bar

Multi-hook racks for mop and broom organization

Hook racks are ideal solutions for in the garage. They’re easy to place on a wall and each hook can hold up to fifteen pounds of weight. This rack is not only ideal for brooms and mops but also your heavy gardening tools with thicker handles.

SWANLAKE 64 Inch Adjustable Storage System

Wall-mount organizer

These organizers are ideal for most spaces. They’re compact yet can hold several items. Ideal locations to place the organizer include a wall, inside a closet, or on the back of a solid wood door.

Wall Mounted Commercial Organizer Storage Rack

Wall-mounted organizer that slides

The hooks and racks on this organizer can slide on the black track, and you can customize the spacing according to your needs to maximize the use of space. The plastic stoppers at both ends of the track can be removed, and the hooks and racks can be rearranged.

Broom and Mop Holder Wall Mount with Movable Sliding 3 Racks 3 Hooks

Corner tower rack

This is a great option especially if you have plenty of floor space. In a garage or storage shed would be an ideal location. Easy assembly and holds up to thirty tools.

Rubbermaid Garage Corner Tool Tower Rack

Self-standing cabinet

Cabinets are great when you don’t have a closet and want your items stored out of sight. Make sure to measure your area first to make sure it will fit. This narrow cabinet found on Amazon is an ideal solution.

Prepac Elite 16″ Narrow Cabinet

No matter your situation, one of these broom and mop storage ideas is sure to work. Let me know which solution you’re going to try in the comments below!

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