Hey there, I’m Tera!

Juggling home & life can get downright exhausting and overwhelming. 

As a busy wife, mom, business owner, professional, cook, cleaner, shopper, chauffeur…  people would ask, “How do you do it all?”

And the truth is sometimes I couldn’t and felt crushed by the load.  If it weren’t for the organizational systems I had in place at home and work, supportive people in my life, and shifting my priorities when needed, my world would’ve crumbled a long time ago.   

Fact #1: You don’t have to do it on your own.

I remember at work everyone was given a piece of paper with a word on it that uniquely describes each person.  A smile appeared on each of their faces as they read their word out loud to the group…friendly, positive, cheerleader, smart, thoughtful, caring.  Then it was my turn.  

As I anxiously unraveled my paper it read, ORGANIZED.

I was hoping people saw me as nice, friendly, happy… all those positive, feel-good words.  And maybe they did but the word “organized” truly described how God wired me to shine.

Fact #2: You’re uniquely and wonderfully made.  

I’ve been a nationally certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) for over twenty years with a special interest in how the brain works.  I’m fascinated by the complexity of our brains and how it’s used to organize our thoughts, ideas and help us function in the world around us.

Caring for your home & family shouldn’t feel so exhausting and overwhelming.  

Maybe you were never taught organizational skills, lack time or motivation, or are mentally (e.g. chemo brain, ADHD, traumatic brain injury) struggling to stay on top of it all.  But there’s good news!  

Fact #3: Research shows your mind can learn to be organized and I can show you how!

As your guide, I would feel privileged to help you go from being in “survival mode” to creating a calm and relaxing home you thrive in. 

Through simple yet actionable solutions you can take the first steps towards eliminating the overwhelm by beginning with your home, your place of rest.  

Are you ready to get started?

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